Low Cost Advertising – Online Tutoring Part 5

Have you set up your tutoring business with Google Business? If yes I should say you are on the right path of advertising for your service without a cost. The concept of online advertising is for you to be seen and for people to find your service when they conduct a targeted search. In Part two of this series, I explained how you can set up your Google Business account. Here I introduce more online and offline advertising tools.

Offline Advertising Still Useful

When you offer a service like tutoring, it doesn’t matter if it is completely online, you still can offer it by advertising in your local grocery or gas station. The only difference is that instead of printing out a phone number, you might consider using your website or email address on the advertisement. I also suggest you print out a colorful image that emphasizes the online aspect of your service in this case tutoring.

Craigslist is another easy and low-cost advertising method. You just need to go to your local craigslist and sign up. The cost is $5 per each advertisement per month. That put your Ad on top of the list for the first few days but if you want to keep it there your need to repost it which means $5 each time you repost it. When creating your first post you need to be specific. Make it clear for people that searching for your tutoring offer. Use keywords like 10th-grade math, Algebra 1 and 2 for 9th and 10th grade, Spanish as a second language for elementary… I suggest you search for the same service as yours on craigslist to find out about other people Ads. Follow their steps, pick the relative information, and omit the others. Improve your text by adding your specific service or experiences. Make it personal by introducing yourself, and your teaching life. Don’t forget to select a meaningful title for your Ad.

Social Media Marketing

It doesn’t need to be a very professional, all integrated social media marketing. You just need to be you. A Facebook page, an Instagram account, or even a group chat in Telegram would help you to promote your service. There are many good resources including blog posts and videos about social media marketing but the one that I prefer is “How to use social media marketing for small business” that explains 21 steps of a successful social media marketing.

Paid Online Advertising

Paid advertising in the world of internet marketing refers to any type of online advertisement that you pay either for people interactions, or for purchasing your service or products. You need to prepare and post your advertisement on some platforms like google ad or Facebook ad. there different payment strategies for your advertising campaign, including PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and PPI (Pay-Per-impression).
for more details in this type of advertising, I refer you to my future post “How to Run a Successful Google Advertising Campaign?”


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