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Tools For Online Quiz Making – Online Tutoring Part 4

For an online teacher, test preparation is as important as teaching a subject. After you choose a proper online communication tool with your student you need to provide them with a reliable area that they can be tested on their new knowledge. Testing online is a process of combining several activities:

  • Create questions and choose the right way of answering them.
  • Submit test to one or all students and notify them
  • Receive the answer sheet and grade them
  • Send graded work with comments to the student(s)

In previous posts (here) I introduced a few online whiteboards and now I look into some well-known quiz makers and I hope you can find them useful for your tutoring business.

ThatQuiz Offers free service for teachers to make online testing. You can make your quiz, keep track of your student progress, make an online grade book, and score students’ tests.

GoConqr Students and teachers can use this platform at the same time. The basic version is free and it gives you full access to tools, unlimited public resources. Using this platform, you can create slide set, flashcards, note and quizzes.

GoConqr samle test making

ClassMarker Free accounts with ClassMarker provide a fully functional testing environment. You can register users, create and assign unlimited tests and questions and save and review up to 100 test results per month.